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Pelling Collector Car Insurance
Insurance Coverage for Antique, Classic, Special Interest
& Modified/Street Rod Automobiles

What is Pelling Collector Car Insurance?

Our policy is specifically designed to fill insurance needs of Antique, Classic, Special Interest and Modified/Street Rod automobile owners.

Special Benefits include:

  • Plan is available for collector vehicles used for hobby and/or collector car activities, occasional pleasure use and not used for regular transportation, in four Categories:

    - Classic Plan 20 for Antique & Classic for automobiles 20 years and older,
    - Classic Plan 15 for Special Interest automobiles 15 to 19 years old,
    - Classic Plan 10 for New Collectibles 10 to 14 years old,
    - Custom Plan, 15 years and older.
  • Automatic coverage up to $25,000 on newly acquired and replacement vehicles that meet our underwriting requirements (Pelling Insurance to be notified within 30 days.)
  • $1,800,000 Million Liability Coverage
  • $100 Standard Deductible ($1,000 and $2,500 deductibles available)

features include:

  • Policy is written on a valued form (19A)
  • The coverage is for twelve months
  • Special discounts for owners of more than one vehicle
  • Special discounts for higher deductibles
  • Coverage available for Canadian Residents only
  • Coverage applies in both Canada and the U.S.A.
  • Fast Professional Claims service and more!
  • 10 Years continuous driving experience required
  • No depreciation on partial losses


Do I Qualify?

The ability to offer low premiums is a direct result of our clients being some of the most responsible drivers on the road today. In order to continue to offer these very competitive rates, we must consider several important factors in the approval process:

  • Usage - Coverage for vehicles used for hobby and/or collector car activities, and not used for regular transportation (i.e., shopping, vacation, business and to and from work).
  • Driving Records - In general, one or two minor traffic convictions or claims are acceptable. We cannot offer coverage to those who have experienced major convictions such as Impaired Driving, Careless/Dangerous Driving or Suspensions within the past 10 years. All operators must be fully licensed over 10 years. Note all household driving records maybe subject to review.
  • Primary Vehicle Insurance - Every licensed driver must maintain a primary vehicle with insurance under his or her own name.

Pelling Collector Car Insurance can provide insurance coverage for the following types of vehicles.

Antique & Classic automobiles 20 years and older
Any "stock" vehicle over 20 years old with desirable collector characteristics, used strictly for hobby and/or collector car activities.

Special Interest automobiles
Any rare or limited production, low mileage vehicle with desirable collector characteristics. Coverage is available in two categories 15 to 19 years old or 10 to 14 years old.

Modified/Street Rod automobiles 15 years and older
Any vehicle that has been changed from its original manufactured or "stock" condition. This includes changes in engine or drive train which were not available in the original manufactured year, increase in horsepower, or custom paint and/or decals. Generally, safety-related modifications such as steering, brakes or tires and wheels are not considered modifications.

We recognize that the process of restoring a collector vehicle is part of the hobby. We will offer coverage on vehicles that are being "actively" restored. Our main concern is with low valued vehicles that never become fully restored. The applicant must demonstrate that the vehicle is in active restoration by providing quality colour photographs and details of the restoration.

Coverage is underwritten by Economical Mutual Insurance Co.




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